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Knotty Catering Co. was a concept crafted by the four owners/operators of Gettin’ Basted and Downing Street Pour House franchises. Together, these four friends have created countless multi-award winning businesses, and have no plans of slowing down anytime soon.


Southwest Missouri has acclaimed both Gettin’ Basted and Downing Street Pour House’s efforts as Defining the Flavor of the Ozarks. Now, we invite you to experience the monumental collaboration of world-championship tastes from Gettin’ Basted, novel flavors from Downing Street Pour House, and NEW exclusive bites all wrapped inside Knotty Catering Co. 


Wondering what kind of food you can expect?


Good luck putting us in a box. At Knotty Catering Co., prepare your tastebuds for hot & fast barbecue and burgers from Gettin’ Basted, American wood-fired, live coal comfort foods and pub favorites from DSPH, and trendy breakfasts, corporate power box lunches, unique drinks, (almost) sinful sweets and side dishes so good you wish were main courses. 


We are known for five star, “please” and “thank you,” good ‘ol southern hospitality service. Our staff is composed of kind, trustworthy, thoughtful, hardworking individuals. We view each member of our team as a gifted and uniquely talented individuals, each vital to our success.

We can’t wait to serve you!

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